Location of the public spaces of Vitoria-Gasteiz subject of environmental analysis

The 4 locations in the city of vitoria displayed on google maps. Click the shaded area for a description:

Ver Localizaciones Citisense en un mapa más grande

Bus Station area

This important place is the “old” bus station wich will be moved to a new place in the city. Local authorities want to mantain the existing building and analyze the zone by this project. (Not only the building area but the other green zones in the north and in the south part of the building). The area is surrounded by high traffic flow roads and is close to a college (In the left side of the picture). Here you can see more detailled picture of the place.

Salinillas de Buradón park

This park is situated in a new urban area and close to the “green ring” of the city. At the moment this park does not have vegetation and is on a small hill.Local authorities are interested in receiving the feedbak of the citizens about the comfort in this area in order to make some changes in the future. Here you can see more detailled picture of the place.

La Constitución square

This square is situated next to the main entrance to the city from the northern part (Gasteiz Avenue on the right side of the picture). This square has some trees and green areas in it´s perimeter and a big source in the center. This square is situated on a high populated area and high trafic density roads (in the junction of Honduras street and Avenida Gasteiz avenue). Here you can see more detailled picture of the place

Environmental research center

The building that can be seen in the picture is the CEO (Environmental research center). This building is integrated in the “green ring” and receives thousands of visitors during the year. Some of those visitors spend the day in the surrounding area of the building and this will be the analyzed area. Here you can see more detailled picture of the place.