Modes of participation in the pilot study in Vitoria-Gasteiz: environmental assessment of public spaces

How can i take part?

If you want to take part but you don´t have time to do the observations, we have developed a general questionnaire that you can find HERE.

- As an evaluator of the spaces in-situ: This mechanism for participation is limited to 60 people to be invited by the project coordinators in Vitoria-Gasteiz. For that, will be called local civil organizations and students from University and EGIBIDE High School.

- As interested in contributing to the project is open to all who are interested in contributing to the project and the experiment conducted in Vitoria-Gasteiz. For that, we will develop a general questionnaire that will be used as a complement for the main study.

Objective of the empowerment initiative:

We want to incorporate the views of people living in the city to data collection mechanisms of environmental information, thereby besides knowing what they "say" appliances, we can get the views and perceptions of people use them and thus better interpret the obtained data. Another important issue is to work in a way to offer easy access to this information and offer a useful and easy understanding information.

Why is important to involve the public?

Participation in the monitoring and control of environmental quality of public spaces is a central issue facing get more involved with these spaces and corresposabilización in maintaining the environmental quality of the space by people who use . It also seeks empowerment to time to get a more conscious citizens of the importance of these issues and more knowledge of the variables that influence this quality. People living and public spaces are used best sensor and the main element to take into account when assessing their quality.

¿What will be measured? 

  • Overall satisfaction with the environment.
  • Perception of the urban landscape
  • Acoustic comfort
  • Ultra violet radiation.
  • Thermal comfort.

¿How will be do this measured of the public spaces?

To make the measurement, is to use a dual method of measurement and data collection; on one hand the Objective, using sensors and smartphone, and secondly the opinion through questionnaires and other actions as evaluation visual elements of the environment.The measurement is done by a sensor of environmental quality, a microphone attached to a smartphone and a device for measuring the ultraviolet (you can see in the pictures). He also will use a detailed than the volunteers fill while making the measurement of public space with sensors, this questionnaire will be available through a previously installed APP on your smartphone questionnaire.

These devices will be made available for voluntary onto them when they want to go to public spaces to make the measurements people. In addition, the volunteers participating in the process, will be called to participate in workshops that will explain the purpose of the project, how to use the equipment, etc.. After completing the measurements, it will return sessions and evaluation of results in classroom workshops.


Screenshots of participation app.