Development of sensor-based Citizens’ Observatory Community for improving quality of life in cities

The main objective of CITI-SENSE is the Development Observatories Citizens Environmental Governance. These observatories will serve to empower citizens and thus can support and influence decision-making processes associated with environmental management. CITI-SENSE is a European research project of the 7th Framework Programme, this project 29 partners from 14 different countries participate worldwide. Here you can see the full list of participants. 

On this website you will find information about the project and have access to the results of measurements carried out in Vitoria.


It will make tools combining Earth observation combined with others focused on the nearest public spaces such as schools or environments. Thus a more general view of the earth with a closer view of cities combined. 

One of the main objectives of the project is to raise public awareness of the importance of environmental quality of public spaces, to achieve public participation will be encouraged in the process of decision making related to the environment and provide the public with information transparent about the process of decision making. 

The CITI-SENSE project is based on three pillars: Technologies of monitoring environmental quality are as sensors, information technologies such as web and social networks; and the involvement of citizens and social actors in the process of decision making.

PILOT CASES (Click pictures to get more info)

- Outdoor Public Spaces: In this test case, which has an experimental character, the work will be developed in Vitoria. This involves identifying the positive aspects of the public interest to preserve spaces. To do this, we will work in various public spaces and there will be active participation of volunteers who will be those conducting this evaluation.

One of the most important aspects of this project is precisely the involvement and active participation of citizens as thus be achieved jointly responsible and engage in a more effective way in preserving and monitoring the environmental quality of the spaces urban. We want to highlight these places and share with the public information on objective aspects of environmental quality, but also subjective aspects known to have a more complete picture and be able to share diagnosis.

 - Schools: For this test case, seeks to improve the indoor environment of the school and relate welfare conditions on the basis of these data, establish a dialogue with the school administration regarding preservation. This will allow us to contribute to improved indoor environment of schools which in turn will result in better health and improved student learning conditions. In this case, also play an active role in the entire school staff, including students, mothers and fathers, etc.

- Urban Quality: Urban Quality initiatives will take place in; Barcelona, ​​Belgrade, Edinburgh, Haifa, Ljubljana, Ostrava and Vienna. Empowerment initiative implemented multiple parameters of environmental quality monitoring using low-cost sensors that complement the existing collection systems information, thus, products and services are provided to citizens and local authorities to support the management of urban air quality. Unlike the case of public spaces, this initiative will make a more comprehensive measurement of the city through the use of fixed and portable sensor measurements. For laptops, volunteers move by bike, on foot, etc.. the city. 

The study was conducted in two phases, with a feedback between them. In the first phase that will work on the pilot cases, we will identify user needs, in collaboration with user groups, and to develop and test an early version of the technology solutions and information. In the second phase, we will implement these solutions on a broader scale that more cities will be involved.